June 7, 2023

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Meet Marina Gharabegian: The Woman Behind Comedian Mark McKinney’s Success

Behind every successful person, there is usually an unsung hero who played a vital role in that success. And for comedian Mark McKinney, this woman is Marina Gharabegian. With her unwavering support and invaluable contributions to his career, Marina has helped Mark become the hilarious and beloved comedian he is today. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Marina’s story and discover just how she became the driving force behind one of Canada’s most celebrated comedians. Get ready to be inspired by her journey!

She has been married to Mark McKinney since 2006

Marina Gharabegian is the woman behind comedian Mark McKinney’s success. She has been married to him since 2006 and has been a huge support for him throughout his career. She is also the mother of his two children. Marina is originally from Canada and met Mark while she was working as a waitress in Toronto. The two hit it off immediately and were married just months later. Marina has always been supportive of Mark’s career, even when he was just starting out. She would often drive him to gigs and help him promote his shows. These days, she is still very involved in his career, but also has her own successful business as a real estate agent.

The couple have three children together

Marina Gharabegian is the wife of comedian Mark McKinney and the couple have three children together. She is originally from Armenia and moved to Canada with her family when she was a child. Marina has a degree in early childhood education and has worked as a kindergarten teacher. She is also a talented artist and has exhibited her work in several galleries. Marina is fluent in Armenian, Russian, and English.

Marina Gharabegian’s Early Life and Career

Marina Gharabegian was born in Toronto, Canada to Armenian immigrant parents. She grew up in a working-class neighbourhood and attended an all-girls Catholic high school. After graduating, she worked various odd jobs before landing a gig as a production assistant on the Canadian television show “Citytv.”

It was while working on “Citytv” that Marina met Mark McKinney, who was then a struggling comedian. The two hit it off immediately and began dating. Shortly thereafter, Marina quit her job to become Mark’s full-time manager.

Since then, Marina has been responsible for much of Mark’s success. She helped him get his big break on the popular sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live” and has continued to support him throughout his career. Thanks to Marina’s hard work, Mark has gone on to enjoy a very successful career in comedy.

How Marina Gharabegian Met Mark McKinney

Marina Gharabegian is the woman behind comedian Mark McKinney’s success. The two met while working on a sketch comedy show in Toronto and have been married for over 20 years.

Gharabegian is a writer, producer, and director who has worked on some of Canada’s most popular television shows, including The Kids in the Hall and Saturday Night Live. She is also the co-founder of the production company Punch Drunk Productions, which produces original comedy content for television and the web.

McKinney credits Gharabegian with helping him develop his comedic voice and giving him the confidence to pursue his dreams. Without her support, he says, he would never have been able to achieve the level of success he has today.

Marina Gharabegian and Mark McKinney’s Professional Relationship

Marina Gharabegian is a talent manager and the woman behind comedian Mark McKinney’s success. She has been working with him for over 10 years and has helped him build a successful career in comedy.

Gharabegian is passionate about her work and takes a hands-on approach to her clients’ careers. She is always looking for new opportunities to help them grow and succeed.

McKinney credits Gharabegian with helping him navigate the industry and find success. He says she has a great sense of humor and is always supportive.

The two have a close professional relationship and continue to work together to help McKinney grow his career.

What Marina Gharabegian is Doing Now

Marina Gharabegian is a busy woman. In addition to being the wife of comedian Mark McKinney and the mother of two young children, she is also an accomplished businesswoman. Marina is the co-founder of the successful clothing line LAmade, which is sold in high-end boutiques across the country. She is also a partner in a new luxury home furnishings store called Shelter.

In her spare time, Marina enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and exploring Los Angeles. She is also an active philanthropist, supporting numerous causes including education and the arts.


Marina Gharabegian is an amazing woman and a true inspiration to all aspiring comedians. Through her own hard work, dedication, and determination she has supported the success of some of Canada’s funniest men. Her story serves as an example that anyone can make it in show business with the right mindset and attitude. It just goes to show that with a little bit of effort you too can follow your dreams and make them come true!