June 7, 2023

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Rosé’s Essentials: The 5 Items Blackpink’s Star Never Leaves

If you’re a fan of K-pop, then you’ve definitely heard of Blackpink – the girl group that’s taking the world by storm. Their music and fashion sense are undeniable, but have you ever wondered what beauty essentials they can’t live without? In this blog post, we’ll be diving into Rosé’s must-have items that she never leaves home without. From her makeup bag to her pink phone case, get ready to discover all the secrets behind achieving the ultimate Blackpink’s look!

The 5 items

Rosé’s must-have items are essential for achieving the perfect Blackpink’s look. Let’s take a closer look at what these five items are:

The first item is Rosé’s makeup bag, which she always has with her. In it, you’ll find all of her favorite products, including lip balm, mascara and eyeliner.

Next up on the list are Rosé’s skincare essentials. She makes sure to use sunscreen daily and loves using face masks to keep her skin looking fresh and radiant.

When it comes to fashion, Rosé never leaves home without a few key items. Her go-to pieces include oversized sunglasses and statement jewelry that add an extra touch of glam to any outfit.

Another item that can be found in Rosé’s bag is her pink phone case – after all, every girl needs a stylish phone accessory! Plus, it matches perfectly with Blackpink’s signature color.

Last but not least is Rosé’s beloved Chanel perfume. This fragrance completes her overall look and adds a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

By having these five essential items on hand at all times, Rosé ensures she always looks and feels her best – whether she’s performing on stage or just running errands around town!

Makeup bag

One of the essential items that Blackpink’s star, Rosé, never leaves home without is her makeup bag. As a K-pop idol, Rosé always needs to look her best on stage and in front of the camera.

In her makeup bag, you can find various beauty products such as lip tints, mascaras, eyeliners, blushes and more. These are the tools that help create Rosé’s signature look – fresh-faced with bold lips.

Apart from having a variety of products in her makeup bag, she also ensures they are high-quality and long-lasting because she often has busy schedules with limited time for touch-ups.

Rosé’s makeup style is natural yet striking. She loves playing around with different hues of pink for a youthful glow to match her cute personality. Her favorite brands include YSL Beauty and MAC Cosmetics.

With just these few essentials in hand, you too can recreate Blackpink’s star stunning looks!

Skincare products

Skincare products are an essential part of Blackpink’s star Rosé’s daily routine. Her glowing skin is proof that she pays close attention to her skincare regimen. Here are some of the skincare products that Rosé never leaves home without.

First on the list is a gentle facial cleanser. As someone who wears makeup often, it’s important for Rosé to thoroughly remove all traces of dirt and impurities from her face. She loves using the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, which effectively removes makeup without stripping away natural oils.

Another must-have in Rosé’s skincare kit is sunscreen. Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is crucial in preventing premature aging and dark spots. One product she swears by is the Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40, which has a lightweight formula that doesn’t leave a white cast.

To keep her skin hydrated throughout the day, Rosé always carries with her a hydrating mist like Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea. She sprays it on whenever she feels her skin needs an extra boost of hydration.

Moisturizer plays a vital role in keeping Rosé’s complexion supple and healthy-looking. She opts for La Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream as it deeply nourishes and protects against dryness.

Investing in quality skincare products can make a big difference when it comes to achieving flawless-looking skin like Blackpink’s star Rosé – start building your own personalized arsenal today!

Fashion items

When it comes to fashion, Blackpink’s Rosé has a unique sense of style that sets her apart from the rest. She always leaves home with a few key fashion items that complete her look.

First on the list is a statement accessory like oversized sunglasses or bold earrings. These pieces add an extra pop of personality and can elevate any outfit.

Next up are comfortable yet chic shoes like sneakers or ankle boots. Rosé knows how to balance comfort and style, so she can be ready for anything without sacrificing fashion.

Another crucial item in Rosé’s wardrobe is a leather jacket – a timeless piece that adds edge and sophistication to any ensemble. Whether paired with jeans or thrown over a dress, this versatile staple never goes out of style.

Last but not least, Rosé loves to accessorize with delicate jewelry such as dainty necklaces or layered bracelets. These pieces add subtle sparkle and femininity without overpowering her overall look.

Rosé’s fashion choices show that she values both comfort and individuality when it comes to dressing herself. Her unique sense of style continues to inspire fans all around the world!

Pink Phone Case

One of the most essential items that Blackpink’s star, Rosé, never leaves home without is her pink phone case. It’s not just any ordinary phone case; it’s a statement piece that reflects her personality and style.

The color pink has been synonymous with Rosé since the beginning of Blackpink’s career. She often incorporates this shade in her outfits and accessories, so it makes sense that she has a pink phone case.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the phone case serves a practical purpose as well. With today’s smartphones being fragile and expensive, protecting them is crucial. A sturdy phone case like Rosé’s can safeguard against accidental drops or scratches.

But what sets Rosé’s pink phone case apart from others? Its uniqueness lies in its personalized design – adorned with stickers and charms reflecting her interests such as music notes or cute animals.

While a simple black or clear iPhone cover may suffice for some people, having one in your favorite color (like Rosé’s signature pink) can add an extra touch of individuality to your daily essentials!

Chanel Perfume

Chanel perfume is one of the essential items that Blackpink’s star, Rosé, never leaves home without. The iconic fragrance has been a classic choice for many women worldwide and continues to be popular among celebrities.

The Chanel brand is known for its luxurious fragrances, and its perfumes are no exception. The scent blends floral notes with base notes of musk and vanilla to create an alluring fragrance that lasts all day long.

Rosé loves wearing the Chanel Perfume as it adds an extra touch of femininity to her overall look. She spritzes it on before heading out, ensuring she smells fantastic throughout the day.

In addition to smelling great, the bottle itself is chic and classy, making it a perfect accessory for any outfit. Its simple yet elegant design matches perfectly with any style or occasion.

Chanel perfume is undoubtedly one of Rosé’s favorite items in her collection of essentials. Its timeless appeal and sophisticated aroma make it a must-have for anyone seeking a high-end fragrance that exudes confidence and elegance.

How to get the Blackpink look

To get the Blackpink look, it’s all about embracing bold and daring fashion choices. Think statement pieces, such as oversized jackets or high-waisted pants paired with crop tops. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures for a truly eye-catching outfit.

When it comes to makeup, focus on creating flawless skin with a dewy finish. Use a lightweight foundation or BB cream and add highlights to your cheekbones for an extra glow. Bold eyeliner is also key to achieving the signature Blackpink look – try experimenting with winged liner or graphic shapes.

Accessorizing is also crucial in completing the Blackpink aesthetic. Statement jewelry, including chunky necklaces or oversized earrings can elevate any outfit instantly. And don’t forget about hair accessories – scrunchies, headbands, and barrettes are all popular choices among K-pop stars.

Confidence is key when emulating the Blackpink style. Embrace your own unique sense of fashion and don’t be afraid to take risks! Remember that at its core, the Blackpink look is all about expressing yourself through bold choices that make you feel empowered.


Blackpink’s Rosé has some essential items that she never leaves home without. From her trusty makeup bag to her favorite Chanel perfume, these items help her achieve the perfect look every time. Her skincare products keep her skin healthy and glowing while her fashion items add a touch of glam to any outfit.

If you want to get the Blackpink look like Rosé, then consider incorporating these must-have items into your daily routine. Experiment with different makeup looks using high-quality products, take care of your skin with a consistent skincare routine, and have fun with statement fashion pieces that show off your unique style.

Remember that it’s not about copying someone else’s style completely but rather finding inspiration and making it your own. Whether you’re going for a bold or subtle look, confidence is key! So embrace who you are and rock those essentials just like Rosé does.